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Catering Decoration Service Gurgaon

Catering in Gurgaon

Catering and Decorating Service in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

You are planning to organize a grand party, and treat some of your close friends, relatives, and other special ones, aren’t you? You have decided the venue, but no caterer has yet been finalized, because they all are busy handling their pre-booked assignments. It is a common state of affairs during the wedding season. It is pretty difficult to find a good catering service in Gurgaon and rest of the parts of NCR, especially in peak seasons. Even if you manage to find a service, they will ask indigestive prices. No matter what the number of packs of your party is, they don’t seem interested in shedding and negotiating over their service charges.

Celebrations Party Planner is a reputable and reliable name amongst the caterers in Gurgaon and other regions of NCR that has been delivering quality catering in Gurgaon. We, with our collective experience, have been in the industry for more than a decade.

We have a large professionally managed team of well-trained cooks, chefs, and service staff that can make it possible, even at the last minute. We are always ready to serve you the palatable delights from Indian and world cuisines.

Celebrations Party Planner is one of the best caterers in Gurgaon and NCR region. To reveal our secret, we get most of our clients through word of mouth publicity.

Party Decoration Service in Gurgaon

Apart from Catering services, we also offer to amplify the ambiance of your party. What we need is a site visit, and boom. It’s done. We can embellish any party venue in just a few hours. Whether yours is an international theme party, or a traditional birthday celebration or wedding reception party, or a festival theme party, we can embroider it faster than any other decoration service can.

We have been associated with some of the most celebrated events and parties in Gurgaon and NCR. When it comes to fast, impressive party decoration, we are one of the first names to come in clients’ mind.

Celebration Party Planner, with its team of interior designers, and vastu consultants, fill your party will bless and gloss. We fix everything so impressively that the atmosphere of your event catches the higher standard.

How We Do It?
We have strong tie ups with material suppliers, whether it is about catering or decoration. They are just a call away from us. And as you hire us, we estimate the task, and arrange everything, instantaneously.

When you book regular service providers, they scan the market, in the process, many a things go missing. Outcome: delay in the arrangement, which you never want to happen at your turn. When you choose us, we work systematically, and manage things efficiently, without causing any delay in the service delivery.

If you want to us to cater to your guests at your party or event, or decorate your venue, please give us a call. We shall be reaching you quickly, with a quotation!

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